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I remember dreading breakfast when I was growing up.  My mom would wake up each morning, prepare our breakfast and make us finish our bowl of oatmeal every single school day till I graduated from grade school.  “The oatmeal”, she said, “will keep us full till recess”.   Albeit not lacking in creativity because aside from the usual oatmeal with milk and sugar, we’d have Choco flavored oatmeal or at times the dreaded oatmeal combined with eggs, my palate however needed more than these variations to stir up some excitement in this department.

When I was old enough to make my breakfast, I stayed away from oatmeal for a very long time.  Unwittingly though, it got  me started on this breakfast obsession and had me come full circle with me eventually loving oatmeal.

My mom was right about breakfast but more than it being the most important meal of the day (I soon found out), I now love the comfort that breakfast food brings.  Time permitting; breakfast is a daily affair that I dare not miss.  My morning picks are usually

yogurt (Greek-style preferably), eggs and bacon,

French toast is a favorite too, sometimes it’s just toast, jam and a lot of butter,

and yes, most days it’s oatmeal done many ways.

Although breakfast is my comfort food, I hardly have time to slave away in the morning to make breakfasts more special – except on Saturdays, when I’d occasionally make pancakes with bacon or breakfast sausages on the side.

That makes breakfast out of home always a thrill as I get to experience new takes on all-time favorites or new flavors and dishes altogether.  Some breakfast jaunts that I had on recent trips that serves as inspiration for that day in the kitchen.

Eggs Benedict are always a favorite simply because I love eggs and bacon.  And well, this is really just a more sophisticated way of having your eggs and bacon don’t you think?

Sometimes I’d go for a fancy scramble, eggs being the top choice most of the time.

I like trying variations of something I’m very familiar with such as this pancake.  Dutch pancakes is a cross between a regular pancake and a crêpe.

Or if I feel like something local, these would be my top choices.


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